“If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed” – Stanley Kubrick

We offer you Bell Recó, a unique location including all the facilities you need for your professional functions.

It is a stately home surrounded by trees and gardens, in a silent, tranquil, peaceful location just 35 km from Barcelona

  • Advertising location (inside and outside)
  • Photographic features
  • Advertising spots
  • Film production

It is not necessary to apply for special permits to use Bell Recó as a location, because it is private property.

It has direct access for the loading/unloading of lorries, a 500 m2 room for the installation of different areas as dressing rooms, make-up, catering, etc., these then being connected with various spaces provided as film sets of varying sizes, including many decorative possibilities and thereby offering the “right” location for each shoot.

The great advantage of Bell Recó as a shooting location is that it offers the option of shooting more than one scene at the same location, thereby helping production, with it being possible to build or adapt various sets in adjacent or nearby areas, both for interiors and exteriors, meaning that equipment does not have to be moved during the different days of shooting.


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