15 important questions to ask yourself when you visit Bell Recó

This week we have a post that we think is very interesting, as it will solve many of the doubts that couples have when choosing Bell Recó for their wedding day.

So, without further ado, here are the answers to all of them.

1. When should I book Bell Recó for my wedding?
If you have a specific date in mind, it is best to book as soon as possible. Unlike other venues, at Bell Recó our agenda is always open so, for example, we have already closed reservations for the 2023 season.

It is important for you to know that for all those couples who come to visit us, we give you the option of making a pre-booking. Do you know what it is? As we understand that deciding the venue for such a special day is a very important decision and you will be visiting more than one venue, we give you the possibility to pre-book a date that interests you until you make the final decision. We will only keep that day for you and in case another couple is interested in the same date we will contact you to make a firm reservation or release the day.

2. What should I look out for when visiting the property?
When you visit us we take you on a tour around Bell Recó where we show you all our areas and explain how we work. During the tour we show you our rooms, the different routes through which we can move the guests and all the possible options for the celebration of your wedding with us, but remember that at Bell Recó we believe that on your day you should do what you are most excited about, so you decide how your day will be.

3. When should I get married?
This is a very personal decision. Every season at Bell Recó has something special. In summer the garden is at its most splendid, in autumn it is dyed in reddish tones that makes it very special as you can see in this post, winter weddings have a different atmosphere and in spring it is an explosion of life as you can see in our last post of the blog.

If you are in doubt about which day of the week to get married, the best option is Saturday, but bear in mind that the availability of dates on Fridays and Sundays is wider.

Day or night wedding? To choose what time of the day to celebrate your wedding, you will have to take into account the time of the year and the profile of your guests.

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4. What if it rains?
At Bell Recó we have been organising weddings for more than 20 years, so we are well prepared. What better than our hall as plan B? It can host from civil or religious ceremonies to aperitifs. I’m sure you’re wondering, what about the banquet? Our indoor dining room has a capacity for 490 people, so relax and enjoy yourselves, even if it rains on your wedding day.

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5. Civil or religious wedding?
At Bell Recó you are lucky enough to be able to celebrate both, so once again the choice is yours.

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6. Own kitchen or catering?
We work with external catering. Currently in Spain the quality of the catering service is very high. You can see all our suppliers in this link to our website, but we can already tell you that we work with the best suppliers in the country. In fact, at Bell Recó we have an adapted kitchen space where caterers can work comfortably.

7. What spaces can I use on my wedding day?
Absolutely all of them. At Bell Recó we celebrate one wedding a day, so the venue will be just for you. Why do all weddings look different even though they are in the same space? It is not only because of the decoration, but because you, the bride and groom, are the ones who decide where to celebrate each part of your big day: ceremony in the hall or water area, aperitif in the eucalyptus garden or on the terrace, indoor or outdoor banquet… There are many options and we adapt to the one you are most excited about.

Also, the house is always open for guests to visit and discover it.

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8. Can I get dressed at Bell Recó?
Of course, we have rooms on the first floor where the bride and groom normally get ready. We even have rooms for mums, sisters, cousins or bridesmaids… Everything you need to start such a special day surrounded by your loved ones.

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9. Are there hotels nearby to stay in?
Don’t worry if you have guests who have to travel to come to the wedding because there is accommodation nearby. Besides, we are only half an hour away from Barcelona.

10. What if there are children at the wedding?
The youngest members of the family are always welcome. At Bell Recó we offer you a babysitting service from start to finish so that dads can enjoy themselves at all times.

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11. Wedding planner?
At Bell Recó we offer you the coordination service on your wedding day to accompany you on such an important day. In addition, during the previous months during which you organise your wedding we will always be at your side to help you with everything you need and to resolve any doubts you may have. All those couples who prefer to rely on the savoir faire of a wedding planner should not worry about anything, we are always in constant contact with them and we collaborate with many of the professionals in the sector.

12. Do you have exclusive suppliers?
By clicking here you can see all the usual suppliers of Bell Recó. However, we do not have exclusivity with any of them.

13. Live music?
Live music always creates a special atmosphere, so we believe it is a very good option. At Bell Recó we have experienced everything from large-scale live concerts to more intimate performances, so it’s up to you to choose what you like best.

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14. Wedding dance?
Many couples who come to Bell Recó comment on our Instagram that they have seen the wedding dance celebrated in different spaces. That’s right! You can celebrate it in front of the waterfall, in the hall, in the garden dining room, put a dance floor or be more discreet. It’s up to you.

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15. What else should I bear in mind when getting married in Bell Recó?
The use of fireworks is forbidden by law due to the high risk of forest fires, but don’t worry because cold fireworks are very beautiful. And if you want to use confetti it must be biodegradable, as the whole team works daily to care for the environment and the nature that surrounds us.

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If after reading this post you have any more doubts or if you’d like to visit us, you can always contact us at info@bellreco.es or through our social networks.

Cover photo: Oliver Viladoms