Wedding bouquets

This weekend we start the 2021 wedding season and, as every year, we are especially excited to see the dresses and bouquets that Bell Recó brides have chosen.

On the wedding day we all follow a series of traditions by inertia, but do we really know their meaning? In today’s post we want to explain the origin of the bridal bouquet, because flowers have always had a special symbolism.

The bridal bouquet has become one of the most important details on the wedding day, as it is an accessory loaded with a great sentimental value. Do you know where this tradition comes from?

Andrea Ferrara, Marry me in Spain, Au nom de la rose

Like most traditions, the origin of the bridal bouquet dates back to ancient Egypt, although it was used for other purposes at that time.

In ancient times brides would carry a bouquet with strong-smelling aromatic flowers and even garlic to ward off evil spirits and attract happiness. In some cultures the bouquet was even offered to the gods after the ceremony.

Over time the herbs were replaced by flowers such as orange blossom and the bouquet took on the form we know today.

La Masia Moments, Judith Jordà

It is said that, in the Middle Ages, brides wore flowers on their wedding day to disguise their body odour as baths were not very common.

During the Victorian era, boyfriends would visit their girlfriends in their bedrooms. During these furtive visits, lovers would hide messages of love in flowers. On the wedding day, the bride would arrive at the altar with a bouquet made from these flowers and only the couple would know the true meaning of the bouquet.

Robert Marcillas, Singular Envit

And now that you know its origin, would you like to know the bridal bouquet trends for weddings 2021?

We have already mentioned it in several previous posts, but the rising trend of these last seasons is sustainability. How to achieve it? By choosing seasonal and local flowers. Make your bouquet with flowers from the area where you celebrate your wedding, you will help to reduce the impact on transport and it will look much more natural and in accordance with the environment.

Oliver Viladoms, La floreria, Petite Mafalda

Another trend that is coming on strong, even in centrepieces, are the unstructured bouquets. Gone are the days of the perfect bouquet.

Kiss&Chips, Sophie Kors, Singular Envit
F2studio, Baobab

In line with this trend, we are seeing more and more so-called wild bouquets, those that look as if they have been created from flowers picked directly from the countryside. Minimalism and simplicity that convey a sense of naturalness.

Oliver Viladoms, Tàvola

Como siempre os decimos, lo más importante es que os sintáis identificadas, porque las flores que elijáis os representarán y os acompañarán hasta el altar en uno de los días más importantes de vuestra vida.  

Diana Segura, Baobab

COVER FOTO: Michelle Morea, Marc Cram