Bell Recó was started in 1940, but it took about 12 years to build, so it was not until 1952 that it was inaugurated. It is a summer estate owned by the Catalan bourgeoisie, an exclusive venue in a leafy spot of the Maresme.

Arranged in a garden on three levels, the house is located on the upper one. The facades decorated with polychrome sgraffito, designed by Francisco Labarta (1883-1963), symbolize the influences Catalonia has received from the four cardinal points.

Granite, obtained from a quarry located in the same property, and wood are the main decorative elements of the main hall, lounges, dining room and rooms.

The dome of the painter Josep Maria Sert (1874-1945), a family friend, was painted on canvas in the studio the artist had in Paris and brought to Argentona. The venue also has works by the painter Jose Obiols Palau (1894-1967), the gardens were designed by the landscape artist Joan Mirambell and Mr. Labarta finished the decoration of the house.

Although nowadays the family continues to enjoy the estate, back in the nineties it was decided to open its doors for the celebration of weddings and exclusive events.